Are you watching the European Cup 2016?

It's football time again. As I write this, the England team is preparing to do battle once more against Slovakia. Wales are pitted against Russia tonight. I hope that they keep the excitement on the pitch rather than on the terraces. Tomorrow night sees Northern Ireland play against Germany. Only Scotland is missing from the fun this time round. As a Scot, I'm not going to add to the national stereotyping here, I'll leave it to the rest of the world to look at our national fitness statistics and draw their own conclusions...

Do you live in Europe? Has your local team qualified? Will you root for them or for one of the UK sides? Or do you just cheer for the under-dog? It worked for Greece in 2004 - they won with odds of 150-1 against!


The idea for a European football competition was mooted in 1927 by a chap called Delauney, after whom the cup is now named. Surprisingly, and a little sadly, he died 3 years before the first competition in 1960. The first competition only had 4 teams playing in the finals from an original 17. The Soviet Union won. In 2000, the numbers swelled to the current 24 teams. Spain is the only country to have won two consecutive Euros and for the final fact, the last tournament in 2012 had the most goals scored by headers. I have Wikipedia to thank for my minimal football knowledge so you might want to double check some of those amazing facts.

Here at forward2me, we love a bit of footie. We've seen a lot of football related merchandise pass through the warehouse here in sunny Garstang (yes - the sun is actually shining as I type this...Don't faint). Some of our customers are really getting in the mood. Nothing like a bit of football to bring out the national pride. Some of you are having football parties using bunting, tableware and even lighting with a Euro/football theme.

Has it inspired you to play more sport? Usually it means that the kids are out playing footie (if they're not playing FIFA on the x-box). UEFA have an official page for merchandise. I have to admit that I was a little shocked at the prices of footballs - there is a match one on the site for 139 euros. It would be devastating to lose that on the neighbour's roof... If there are more of you - a supporter's club or a big group, take a look at scarvesnall - they supply merchandise wholesale.

So, whichever team you’re rooting for, make sure you're match-ready. Just use our international door-to-door tracked delivery service for all your football-related goodies.