Elite Tech with forward2me


Ah tech, where would we be without it? Is your home teched up or is there room for a few gadgets? I can always make room for more. The things we've looked at recently would all fit in my house anyway... if not I'll make room by clearing the kids rubbish out.

Small is beautiful, or so they say, but not when it comes to screen size in a laptop. The new Dell XPS15 has a lovely 15inch display but the laptop is still relatively small, 14 inches small (yes, that hurt my brain too for a minute). The display is edge to edge and in 4k. According to techradar, it has its minor faults but if you are looking for a lightweight, powerful laptop, this might just be the one.

If you want a phone with a comparably large display area, (no, not 15 inches, you'd have to have huge pockets) then take a peek at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It has the best camera of any smart phone, performs well and looks amazing, according to the reviews and the Samsung website. I particularly like the azure blue model. You can order on Amazon or through Samsung directly, just use our secure international delivery service.

That was the work part - now on with the play. Tech for relaxation, music and play to be more specific. Although actually, I lied. You might work as a games developer and need the next item as part of your day-to-day labours. I'm talking about the Oculus Rift DK2, designed specifically for developers. If you're asking what an Oculus Rift is (nothing geological), it's the latest in virtual reality game technology - a headset that gives you a fully immersive experience. Released in the UK in March, it's the tech that everyone has been waiting for. Pre-order yours now.

If you prefer to kick back and listen to music, try Denon's new multi-room system. A rival to Sonos, it gets good reviews from Richer Sounds. If you like to listen in utter silence, try the latest noise reduction headphones from Bose, the Bose Quiet Comfort 25. We'll try to be quiet when we deliver them using our door-to-door stealth delivery service.

With the arrival of spring, there are many more photo opportunities out there. Treat yourself to a new happy snapper like the Panasonic Lumix GF7. It looks nifty, is compact and has a timeless quality about it. Easy to tuck into a pocket, it'll be good for all your favourite places.

Last but not least, take a look at the Pebble and the Basis Peak. You can probably tell from the outdoorsy names that they are wearable tech: smart watches-come-fitness trackers. If you're going to be out and about over the next few months, you might as well monitor every footstep, heart beat and calorie burned.

Anyway, I'm all teched out now...Nah, just kidding!