Dr Who's 50th Anniversary

The sonic screwdriver is getting a bit rusty and the Tardis is really overdue a service and MOT. As for the Doctor – he seems remarkably spry for a man of such advancing age. Timeless, you might say.

His appeal really does seem to be timeless. The Doctor has been time-travelling on our televisions for fifty years and is now celebrating his 50th anniversary (the true geeks among you will already know this. I count myself as a geek, but fairly low down in the echelons of geekdom). Dr Who will be fifty on the 23rd of November. Fifty!

The BBC are planning a new 3D episode in November that will include as many of the original Doctors as they can muster. If you are feeling nostalgic and want to get in the time-travelling zone, why not peruse some of the DVD collections available beforehand. Order them online and use our door-to-door tracked service.

There is a scary amount of memorabilia to choose from. In my research, I have come across dalek air fresheners, cyber-man cufflinks, and even ‘character building sets’, which my friends would say I need if I’m actually interested in this stuff...

The 50th Anniversary merchandise is beginning to come through. There are T-shirts and a K-9 figure available as well as wallets, bags and books. Games are always popular. If, like me, you love the music too, check out Orbital’s superb cover from a few years ago.

Think of forward2me and treat the kids to some memorabilia that they can pass on when they celebrate the 100th anniversary by time-travelling back to watch some of the earlier episodes with you.

Sorry, must go. There’s a statue in the garden and it seems to be moving...Aaaaaaaargh. Doctor? Doctor? Are you there?