Do you know where to buy your sneakers or trainers in the UK?

Trainers, sneakers, running shoes...whatever you call them, they're extremely popular. Here at forward2me, we've been shipping trendy trainers by the pallet. If you're wondering why, just take a look at the ranges available here in the UK.

We're lucky over here - we often get first dibs on all the new releases. So if Nike release a new Air style and you live in the US or elsewhere, you can potentially order it through forward2me in the UK and have it delivered so you get hold of it before anyone else. Some of our customers even sell them on in their country of residence (not that we're giving you any ideas).

Many people collect trainers (oh, to have the space) and the companies such as Puma, Adidas and Nike bring out new styles every few months to lure the trainer fanatics with the latest style. Use our door-to-door tracked delivery service if you are such a person, or just if you fancy a new pair of trainers for the summer.

Where can you buy trainers and sneakers? Here in the UK, we're spoilt for choice. There are the regular shoe retailers such as Footlocker and Schuh as well as the major sports retailers. SportsDirect are one of the largest on the High Street with a great variety of styles and brands available. I can't fail to mention their biggest rival, JD Sports as well. Online, M&M Direct, Foot Locker (sounds very smelly to me...) and FootAsylum (with the letters back-to-front but I can't do that on this, I think...hang on a minute, maybe, no. Sorry. You'll just have to imagine it.) have also taken a slice of the trainer market here in the UK.

Kickz (no, not a typo) are another retailer with a sneaker selection. They have a page dedicated to trainer 'news' - all the latest releases. Some look really attractive - woven styles seem popular this year like the Reebok Classic collection. Check out Offspring - they stock Adidas and many other brands. The denim ones look really cool, even to me...

So, if you know your Yeezy Boost from your cheese on toast, choose your trainers and we'll ship them to you using our international shipping service. Then you can covet them, wear them on special occasions or dust them, whichever takes your fancy. Until the next model arrives, that is!