Daily Mail story shows more insight into expat life

We’re always fascinated to see results of studies and surveys into expats’ lives, and this latest one at the Daily Mail is a particularly great one.

This in-depth article shows a lot of things about British expats we already knew, plus a few new insights that raised an eyebrow or two here at Forward2me.

Our own studies have shown, like those reported in the Mail, that today’s emigrants find life a lot easier thanks to the internet: they can keep in touch with family and friends, and of course they can buy any British goods they’ve been hankering for with a swift click.

But according to the article, fewer than one in ten of those surveyed craved British groceries such as HP sauce, baked beans and Marmite. We found this particularly interesting because amongst our thousands of expat customers, a far higher proportion than one in ten are buying UK groceries online.

We see such foodstuffs flying through our UK depot as Tetley tea, Bisto, Marmite, Vimto and Scott’s Porridge Oats. Perhaps the answer is that there are far more expats out there that are simply happy with the local fare, but we’re pleased to see that those who still want a taste of home know where to come for safe and quick shipping!