City Link folding - business as usual at forward2me...


City Link, a major UK parcel distribution company, has sadly gone into administration over the Christmas period. The company had over 2000 employees who learned the shocking news about their redundancies after they had worked hard to complete all their Christmas deliveries.

City Link had been making losses for several years. The company was acquired by an investment firm last year. They injected cash into the struggling business but could not turn around the company's substantial losses. They put City Link up for sale but alas a buyer for the company did not emerge in time to save it.

This is sad news for City Link's Coventry-based workers and another blow to the British economy at a really bad time of year. Our sympathy goes out to all involved and we hope that a way to resolve the situation is found. Many of them are self-employed and won't receive any redundancy pay-outs. Workers carried on delivering even though they knew they weren't going to be paid because they had children's presents to deliver.


With the January sales in full swing and Christmas money being spent online faster than you can say 'Proceed to Checkout', it seems really surprising that any delivery company would be struggling.

Have you done any online shopping recently? Bought a new dress or some tech in the sales? If you are worried that any of your parcels are stuck in a City Link depot, don't be. The retailers that used City Link have recalled their parcels and are using other logistics companies. Here at forward2me, parcels are coming in from DHL, Fed Ex, Parcel Force, UPS and Royal Mail at a rate of knots. We're shipping them out to you using our door-to-door tracked service as quickly as we can.

So take a look around online and spend your Christmas money on something nice. We'll make sure it gets to you using our international shipping service. Happy New Year!