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Christmas Presents and Decorations

Have you finished shopping for all your Christmas presents yet? No? Me neither. Do you have small people demanding plastic things, older folks who already have everything and the awkward teens in-between whose ideal Christmas present blows the entire household budget for the year? Me too. Here at forward2me, we've been scouring the internet for Christmas presents to fill those awkward gaps you might have in your Christmas shopping. If your house is a bit dull, don't forget to deck your halls using forward2me's international shipping service too.

Christmas Gifts for Children

My small person is 3 and all she wants is Peppa Pig. A funfair, a jigsaw, a talking Peppa...Peppa, Peppa, Peppa. What she's actually getting is a tablet because it'll keep her entertained for hours rather than seconds...and some Frozen goodies. Frozen is everywhere. The Disney store has a really good range and check out Argos for Frozen bedding (handy if you live in a hot country). There's Sing-a-long-a-Frozen (aaaaargh), dolls and dressing up clothes on Amazon too.

Hamleys is probably the most famous, British traditional toyshop. There's something for everyone there. Remote controlled vehicles of all types, tech toys for older, savvy kids and all the Lego anyone could ever need.

Bikes are often on the wish-list. Take a look at Wheelbase for cycling equipment and a great range of bikes. Halfords also have a broad, budget selection.

Christmas Gifts for Grown-Ups (bigger kids?)

Speaking of Lego, sets for adults with architectural designs make good stocking fillers for the more awkward folks out there. It'll keep them quiet while you watch the telly after Christmas dinner...Tech is always popular, whether it's wearable or not. Nike sports bands are very 'in' and smart watches are becoming cooler. Check out the Apple store for life's shiny little luxuries.

Accessories are always good, the things you didn't know you needed until someone bought you one - a bag or a belt, a wallet or a purse from Radley or Mulberry, try John Lewis for a good selection. H&M have plenty of affordable stocking fillers too and their party clothes are great value. Funky covers for smartphones and tablets make good gifts too. Don't forget the smartphone itself, a new Samsung or an iPhone would always go down well with the teens. Use our door-to-door tracked delivery service for your Christmas shopping.


If you've been in the loft and returned with a pile of damp tat, it might be time for a change. Balsam Hill have a fantastic festive offering. BHS are usually good for bargains, M&S also have some attractive decorations. The White Company also have some elegant decorations and trees.

So just contact our customer services department if you have any difficulty using your international credit card and we'll do the rest. Happy Christmas shopping!