Celebrate in style this Summer with forward2me!

Let the party commence! Summer's here, school's out and the holidays have begun. How are you going to celebrate? The Olympics are round the corner - Rio de Janeiro is renowned for its party atmosphere. Why not recreate the carnival at home?

Here at forward2me we're a group of party animals - some of us have even made our own palm trees to decorate the garden using recycled pipe and coloured paper, then added parrots and all sorts of things to create a tropical atmosphere. If you already live somewhere warm, perhaps you could add fake clouds and a sprinkler system to re-create the perfect English summer party, just add some wasps and a hint of cow dung for the full effect!

Where to start? Invitations. A good party starts with a lovely invitation, especially if it's for an engagement, naming ceremony or a wedding. Fancy dress parties need good invitations too to set the tone. How about a pirate party, a seventies party or an Olympic theme to get you started? Not for a christening party perhaps, although stranger things have happened. Toga parties were popular when I were a lad...a Roman theme could be the grown-up version?

Decorations are key to getting the right ambulance ambiance. The entrance should be spectacular. Lighting can work wonders - from simple tea lights in attractive holders to garlands with fairy lights, lanterns or even chandeliers. Scent helps too - summery essences or beachy fragrances created with candles can add to the effect.

Music is probably the second third most important thing after food and drink. There are many options available to help you create a party mood in different parts of the house. Why not use a Sonos or other system to give each area a musical theme? You could have a different era in each room or reggae in the garden, soul in the kitchen and, well, funk in the bedroom...

Food. Themed plates, table decorations, cloths etc. all add to the effect. Gone are the days of wrapping a grapefruit in tinfoil then stabbing it with cocktail sticks of cheese and pineapple, unless you're having a retro party; then it's out with the soda stream, salmon mousse and a quiche washed down with oodles of tequila sunrise. Don't forget the mini umbrellas to put in the drinks or sparklers if you're going the whole hog. Add a kaftan and Demis Roussos...

Cake. There's got to be cake. Making a themed one yourself is always a big part of the fun. Take a look at Windsor Cake Craft or Cake Decorating Store for inspiration and accessories. You'll need plates or party bags too. Maybe grown-up party bags? Just a thought...

Drinks. Very popular here at the moment. Well, any time really. Fancy dispensers with taps are popular like this one from Lakeland. Lovely with punch or sangria in.

So party, party, party! Just remember to use forward2me's door-to-door international delivery service to bring the party to you!