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Google Nexus 4 flies out again

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It's thin, smart, attractive and very, very's the Google Nexus 4. Yes, I know it's been around for a while but it still packs plenty of punch. The good news is that it's now £80 cheaper! The price has been dropped by Google and ...

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GPS for outdoor enthusiasts

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We're used to having GPS in the car - it has saved many marriages and taken the stress out of navigating, especially if you're alone. But have you thought about 'recreational GPS'? No? Neither had I until I read a few articles that sang the praises of using GPS ...

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XBox One or PS4?

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Calling all hard-core gamers out there. If you've totalled your playstation or maxed out your old xbox, never fear. The latest games consoles are on their way. There has been a lot of hype and mystery surrounding the launch of the new games consoles. The XBox One has ...

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How to go green with forward2me

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When I was growing up, going green meant that the Incredible Hulk was on the telly! Nowadays, to go green can mean anything from recycling waste to reducing your carbon footprint, eating less meat or using public transport. None of those sound like much fun though, do they? Here at ...

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