Shipping Plants

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Or, to give it another title, Round and Round the Mulberry Bush with forward2me - a cautionary tale! If you're sitting comfortably, I'll begin... Once upon a time, somebody who lived far, far away decided that they would like to order a tree to remind them of home. They ...

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City Link folding - business as usual at forward2me...

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City Link, a major UK parcel distribution company, has sadly gone into administration over the Christmas period. The company had over 2000 employees who learned the shocking news about their redundancies after they had worked hard to complete all their Christmas deliveries. City Link had been making losses for several ...

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2014 Open Golf Championship

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Rory McIlroy, a young man from Northern Ireland, has won the 2014 Open Golf championship at Royal Liverpool. With a Brit winning the Open this year just down the road from us here at forward2me, and Kylie Walker winning the German Open for the women, we thought we'd bring ...

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Access Teaching Resources with forward2me!

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Opening orders can sometimes be a bit creepy around here. You never know what'll be inside. Luxury goods? Sports equipment? Nope - not this week.  It was literally a 'part and parcel' job here at forward2me - and not just car parts either - a human body, all parts anatomically correct! & ...

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