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Did you know that the King played at Wimbledon in 1926? Or that the women's game began there in 1884, only 7 years after the first championships were held there? In 1940, centre court was bombed. The Queen visited in 1957. The first Open Tournament was held there in ...

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Black Friday

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Contrary to its name, 'Black Friday' isn't as gloomy as it seems. It's not the day the sky falls in or anything near as apocalyptic as it sounds. It's safe to emerge from under the settee, honest. All you have to do is a wee bit of ...

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Star Wars - The Force Awakens

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Excited we are... so excited about Star Wars - The Force Awakens here at forward2me that we've decided to write even more about it. Further details are emerging about the film and the tantalising merchandise that is available. Lots of you shipping loads of it already... So, my Paduans of ...

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Star Wars VII

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Star Wars is back again. Exciting, isn't it? Well I think so, and strangely enough, just for once, I'm not alone. It seems the force is fairly strong in many millions of people. If you were born very recently or live in one of the further reaches of ...

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