Bye Bye, Peppa Pig!

It’s chilly here in Blighty - days of rain are only broken by the occasional day of drizzle, surprise sleet and a wind too lazy to go round you, it just cuts straight through. There is a rumour that a bright light in the sky that emits a faint heat exists but it’s been so long, I’ve forgotten its name.

Miserable? It must be. Even the toys have had enough.

Peppa Pig has packed her bags. She’s heard all about the sun, sea and laid-back lifestyle you folks have and is setting sail for Australia. Her bathtime boat isn’t big enough for the journey though, so she’s travelling in style, using forward2me’s door to door, tracked service and she’s hoping to bring all her friends with her.

Can you help Peppa in her quest for a new life? If you know children who would like Peppa toys, clothes and accessories then shop online. A little kookaburrah told us that they are much cheaper here in the UK and we can deliver them to you, keeping Peppa and friends very happy. She’ll need transport, a place to live, and of course, a mobile phone (although it’s not quite the new BlackBerry Z10).

Peppa hangs out with her friends in Asda, ToysRUs, and on Ebay, waiting for her chance to emigrate and make new friends abroad.

Pigs can get sunburned though, so make sure you look after any new arrivals carefully!

Breaking news: Fireman Sam is on his way! He's heard about the recent bush-fires and he's coming as quickly as he can (so naturally, he's using forward2me)and bringing Hello Kitty with him for company. She's a curious cat and like most felines, prefers the sun!