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I'm sure you'll agree that Christmas food is one of the best bits of the festive season. Whether you have family visiting or just want to treat yourself to a few tasty morsels, there's a huge range of Christmas food to choose from here in the UK. Luckily, although you live abroad, you don't have to feel left out. forward2me can deliver many of the Christmas goodies you need or that you miss from home using our fast international shipping service - we're quicker than Santa!

So what do you fancy this Christmas? The traditional British classics - Christmas cake, mince pies, David Beckham, Christmas pudding etc. or something unusual by a leading chef?  There's so much to choose from in Asda, Sainsbury's and Waitrose. It just depends on your budget and how 'fancy' you want to be. Forward2me can ship from all these major retailers. You might also want to browse through some of the more artisan companies if you want something special like a personalised Christmas cake.

Mince Pies and Other Christmassy Treats

Mince pies come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Un-patriotic of me, but as an alternative, baklava is popular at the moment. Panettone has also caught on in the UK and makes a lovely bread and butter pudding if you have any leftover. Stollen is also delicious...

Christmas Pudding

Many of the supermarkets have teamed up with top chefs like Heston Blumenthal to produce some interesting products. There's a lovely 'hidden orange' Christmas pudding from Waitrose. Taste the Difference range from Sainsbury's also has some interesting Christmas food. Asda is fantastic if you are entertaining. Choose your favourite crisps, nibbles and party food for the ravening hordes that are coming to visit. Don't forget the twiglets.

Christmas Home Baking

Are you making your own cakes and puddings? Do you need the fruit, glace cherries or the decorations? Waitrose have some beautiful decorations and even have plain cakes that you can decorate yourself. I feel some cheating coming on myself. Don't delay your orders, I have a feeling that their popular designs will sell out like h... Just make sure your food orders have a good shelf life if you order early.

Christmas Drink

Last but not least and just as important as the Christmas food, is the Christmas drink. We can ship your favourite tipples, to give as gifts or to enjoy as treats. Take a look at the whisky selections available from the Whisky Shop. (Our delivery covers more countries and is also cheaper). Fruit liqueurs are popular too. Sloe gin is one of my favourites but damson and many other flavours are available from Handpicked. Gin, good old-fashioned Plymouth or Bombay Sapphire help to keep the cook happy at Christmas. Order online and we'll use our door-to-door tracked service to make sure you're kept topped up.

We can ship anything as long as it's not fresh, frozen or restricted in your country of residence. Just ask our customer services department for help if you have any questions.