Buy pre-owned, reconditioned or new & save at Ebay UK


When eBay first came online in the UK in 1999, it caused a retail storm. As an online auction website, people around the UK and the world could sell the ‘stuff’ they had lying around their house easily, and buyers could find themselves a bargain!

Rightly or wrongly, eBay got a reputation as being the place to go for second hand items. But these days, eBay is much more than an online second hand store. In fact, eBay is fast becoming a go-to destination for new items. This is not only on the back of individual users operating their business via the site, but also through retail stores and their eBay shops. The ‘buy-it-now’ format of listing items has also gone a long way to facilitate this, giving both the buyer and the seller a greater level of certainty and allowing a more conventional way of selling and buying online.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular new, pre-loved and reconditioned items available on eBay UK.


Ladies lingerie and nightwear can be a pretty price! So why not take a look ‘underneath’ and get a gorgeous piece or two at a bargain basement price?

From high street favourites such as Marks and Spencers to brands including Calvin Klein and Freya, this where the savvy shopper gets their smalls.

eBay of course lets you browse by a number of filters and ‘new with tags’ comes in particularly useful when lingerie shopping. There are also a number of eBay shops operated by trusted retailers including Ann Summers and Lingerie Outlet Store.

Extra discounts

Brand Outlet is the area of eBay where retailers offer further discounts on their eBay outlet store prices. With several big names including Joules, Superdry and Zoggs offering promotions at the moment, this really is the place to bag a bargain.


eBay has long been known as a great place to get a bargain when buying electricals. Now with a number of UK electrical retailers having official shops on eBay, this reputation has only been further enhanced. One such retailer in, which is currently offering an extra 10% off its eBay store prices, up to a maximum discount of £250. So why wait for the sales?

Vintage football shirts

Whether you’re a collector yourself or have a big football fan in your life, a vintage football shirt could be an ideal purchase. With shirts, shorts and accessories from virtually every club in the English Premier League and many more beyond, these shirts might be too good to wear! The good news is, eBay also sells a wide selection of frames too!)

Vintage gaming

If you love vintage gaming, eBay is a great place to start your search. Simply pop the console or accessory you’re looking for into eBay’s search bar and you’re away! We searched for Commodore 64C, but there are hundreds of different retro games consoles, games and accessories all available within a few clicks.