British food from forward2me


forward2me provides a fantastic service for British Expats or anyone living outside the UK as you are now able to shop at UK supermarkets such as Asda, Waitrose & Sainsbury’s! Fantastic news! - that's what our customers are saying...

forward2me can deliver your dearly missed British favourite foods to your home or workplace. Our current British Expat customers inform us that many loved products are not available or not of the same quality provided in the UK.

Some typical examples are:

Walkers Crisps, Branston Pickle, PG & Tetley Tea, Cadburys chocolate, Marmite, Kellogg’s products, Brown Sugar and Heinz Baked Beans, along with Jacobs Cream Crackers, Alpen Low Fat Cereal and all those ingredients from Dr.Oetker or Supercook for baking!

These are just a handful, once you take a look I am sure you will rediscover loads of products you would like to “add to basket” and use forward2me to deliver them to your door.

Our supermarket shopping service allows you to shop from all the British supermarkets, picking and choosing what you fancy, accessing all the great offers that they maybe running and then leaving us to consolidate all the orders together at our depot so you can save on shipping costs!

How much will this cost for both food & shipping? (Example at time of writing)




Save (on expat shop)

Germany & France













If you shop through Waitrose they are currently offering £20 off your first shop!

My supermarket can help you find the best offers online and on average help you save £17!

If you would like some wine to accompany your meal time, the finest wines can be delivered to you from Waitrose Cellar and M&S.

We will look forward to receving your shopping through our door!

Written by forward2me