British Expats mature gracefully with forward2me

If you're a British expat reading this, then I'm sorry to say that the chances are that you're no spring chicken! According to a survey carried out by HSBC last year, some 38% of British citizens living abroad are over 55. 17% of all British expats are retired and of all the Brits abroad, more than 70% want to stay in their country of residence into retirement rather than returning to the UK.

With age come a few necessities. Style, comfort, exercise - health and happiness! Here at forward2me, we've been thinking about our British expat customers who are young at heart and have looked at a few things online that might come in handy, whatever your age or outlook on life.


This section is tricky. Fashion is a very personal thing and there are several websites dedicated to over-fifties fashion but very few online retailers. We all want to look stylish but searching for over 50s fashion brings up results for 'vintage' clothing rather than classic, contemporary chic. One of the top tips that is often repeated is about accessorising your outfits with jewellery, scarves, handbags and hats. I know M&S is a bit of a cliche, but they have a good range at reasonable prices. Hobbs do classic clothes to suit any age and John Lewis have a full selection. Apparently The Great Gatsby has created a good look for the older man, 1920s styling and glamour have returned! In general, though, there's definitely a business opportunity here for someone (a British expat, perhaps?) to open an online clothes shop for the mature and fashion-conscious out there!

Home comforts

Nothing beats your own bed. I have a memory foam mattress. If you haven't got one - I can't recommend memory foam highly enough. Get forward2me to ship you one out as soon as possible! It's great if you have any back pain or trouble finding the right sleeping position. For anyone with mobility issues, check out these beds from Laybrook. They also do a fantastic range of 'motion' furniture that looks much more stylish than I remember it(no hint of beige plastic here).

Kitchen aids are useful, whether you struggle to get the lids off jars or have difficulty lifting a heavy kettle. For anyone visually impaired, there are aids on the livingmadeeasy website and for generally useful equipment, try essentialaids.

Out and about

Living as a British expat somewhere where the weather is favourable, you want to be able to get around as easily as possible. The UK has a generous selection of mobility aids and we can even ship mobility scooters using our secure, tracked international delivery. You can buy second hand mobility scooters from Pre-Loved or eBay. If you enjoy hiking, walking poles and other gear is available from gooutdoors.


Gardening is a great way to keep fit and get outdoors. However, all that bending and stretching can become awkward. Long handled tools are a great help for getting those difficult to reach places. I have long-handled loppers to reach high branches and borrow my father-in-law's long handled fork for weeding. You might even decide that a robotic lawnmower can do some of the chores for you!

Live a long and happy life as a British expat with all the home comforts you need. Just shop online and let forward2me do the rest!