Black Friday


Contrary to its name, 'Black Friday' isn't as gloomy as it seems. It's not the day the sky falls in or anything near as apocalyptic as it sounds. It's safe to emerge from under the settee, honest. All you have to do is a wee bit of internet shopping to take advantage of the sunny side of Black Friday.

If you haven't already come across the phenomenon of Black Friday before, imagine hordes of frenzied shoppers pushing through the doors of large American stores to snap up bargains on the first day of trading after Thanksgiving. Luckily for us, an online stampede is a much more genteel affair, the most hassle you are likely to get is an error message if the server is too busy!

Although it began as an American tradition, the world is rapidly shrinking and UK traders decided that it would be a good idea to offer large discounts to shoppers on this side of the pond too. Luckily for you, all you have to do is look at our recommendations for the online retailers offering the best bargains, peruse the deals at your leisure then use our secure international shipping to take advantage of the massive discounts that you have found. Easy peasy...

So which retailers are the best? Traditionally, the best deals are on tech - televisions, white goods etc. It can be a good time to buy a new dishwasher in time for Christmas or treat yourself to a laptop or a tablet. Here in the UK, Currys had really good deals last year. You can get almost any domestic appliances there as well as tech so if you fancy a bargain TV or hi-fi, tablet or microwave, Currys is a good place to start. Lenovo, the laptop and tablet specialists, also had great offers last year. If you fancy a tablet that's a bit bendy, checkout the Yoga.

Amazon, the behemoth of internet retail, will be awash with bargains. Just check with our customer services department if you have any problems using your international credit card. If you're looking for something for the gamers in your life, take a look at Game. They had some bargains last year and with the news that the X-Box One has an upgrade that allows some X-Box 360 titles to be played, it might be a good time to treat your kids to their dream console. ToysRUs are also listed as a good retailer for Black Friday bargains if you're looking for ideas.

John Lewis and Marks and Spencers entered the fray last year too. Both stores have quite genteel reputations. It's hard to imagine a stampede in either of the shops, just a quiet,  'No, after you...I insist!' through gritted teeth whilst fighting to hold the doors open for each other without wanting to seem too desperate for bargains. Both stores have clothing, kitchen and homeware. John Lewis has a good reputation for electricals and tech too.

So there you have it. Black Friday is November the 27th, with Cyber Monday to follow.