Be the first to get your hands on Nintendo Labo


Nintendo has had a good couple of years following the launch of its successful Switch device. And this year, it’s about to get even more fun with the launch of Nintendo Labo. Designed to go alongside the Nintendo Switch device, Nintendo Labo kits allow gamers to make and create controllers to play games with!  Named ‘Toy-Cons’ to work alongside the Switch’s ‘Joy-Cons’, the Labo combines building, construction and gaming all in one activity.

Let’s look the Labo in more detail…

Following the three step process; Make, Play, Discover; the self-construct kits come with everything you need to make and play (aside from the Switch device itself).

Each Nintendo Labo Toy-Con can be built by following the step by step instructions on the Nintendo Labo app. The instructions are well-laid out and easy to follow, clearly showing you which components you need and how to fold and put them together. There’s also a 3-D image of each Toy-Con that you can view from all angles – just in case you get stuck. Once you’ve finished building, simply slide in your Joy-Cons and there you have it!

The first kits available are the Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit (£59.99) and Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit (£69.99).

Inside the Variety Kit, you get all the components needed to make two RC Cars, the motorcycle, the fishing rod and the piano. Each Toy-Con then has its own corresponding game – hours of fun!

The Robot Kit is definitely the more complex of the kits that will be initially available. Once built, the Toy-Con robot suit comprises a backpack, visor and straps that lead down to each arm and leg to control movement.

As well as the fun of the construction, Nintendo actively encourage gamers to customise their Toy-Cons. There’s a dedicated section on the Labo website along with Customisation Set to purchase.

The complexity of the construction of each Toy-Con varies from kit to kit, presumably to make the kits accessible and fun for a wide range of ages.

Launching on 20th April, both the Toy-Con Variety Kit and the Robot Kit are available for pre-order now. For all the details, visit the Nintendo Labo website.

The Labo is a fun idea that encourages not only construction and engineering, but also creativity and design. We’re sure that it’ll be a big success – especially for children – but also for bigger kids too!

If you want to be among the first to get your hands on Nintendo’s latest launch, you can pre-order for UK delivery from Amazon. Don’t live in the UK? No problem – you can simply place your order for delivery to us and we will ship it to you, wherever you live in the world. Contact us here for more details.