Bags Galore


The bag. Humble carrier of assorted sticky, bits and bobs, or classy, statement piece full of small, but expensive items? Here at forward2me, we've shipped many bags of all shapes and sizes to any number of global destinations using our secure international delivery service.

If you would like to bag yourself a bargain or treat yourself to a luxury bag, we've had a look at some of the latest styles and ideas from the world of bags. Whether you're going to the office, travelling or attending a formal occasion, choosing the right bag is very important. And I'm not just talking about the ladies. Manbags are becoming the norm nowadays and there are many attractive styles to choose from.


Let's get the dull stuff out of the way...I know, a workbag - we all need them at some point. Have you heard of the i-stay? It's not actually that dull. In fact, I've just looked at their website and really quite fancy one of these myself; particularly if the straps really do stay put...


Luggage. If you live abroad, you'll be needing luggage on a regular basis. We recently ditched our 18 year-old mouldy luggage for something altogether more attractive and practical. Check out the range at John Lewis - there are cases to suit every budget, from their own brands to Briggs & Riley where a set of luggage probably costs more than the average family holiday... Hacketts are even more luxurious with a range of leather classics that wouldn't look out of place on the Orient Express!

Sports bags

Yes, the bag that you find under the stairs full of wet swimwear or sweaty gym kit often needs replacing. The top brands include Fila, Nike and Adidas. Argos stock a good selection. If you want to be ultra cool at the gym, then you probably need a luxury bag from Aspinall of London.

Handbags and Manbags

The smaller the bags are, the more expensive they become. Personally, I'm a bit of a Radley fan - practical, stylish and very durable. Just like me...And, yes, I like dogs too. Burberry bags are lovely if you want luxury. Speaking of luxury, take a look at Pure Luxuries for manbags - they have a really good range.

Wallets and Purses

Last, but not least, somewhere to keep the change. House of Fraser have wallets galore from Ted Baker, Hugo Boss, Armani and many more. Purses - Selfridges have some stunners from Valentino, Mulberry and Yves Saint Laurent.

So get online and don't forget to use our door-to-door tracked delivery to bag yourself a new bag!