Bag a bargain – it’s the January sales!


Christmas is over and sales in the UK are in full swing! Traditionally known as the ‘January sales’, in recent years many retailers have started their sales immediately following Christmas on Boxing Day and sometimes earlier). Luckily, the days of having to fight your way into the city centre or shopping mall are over with all of the major stores also making the same discounts available on their websites. This also opens the door to international customers to browse and shop online in the famous UK sales.

If you’re subscribed to any retail mailing lists, (including ours) it’s likely you will have received a number of emails alerting you to the sales already! Major UK retailers including John Lewis, Marks & Spencers, Selfridges, Harvey Nics, Clarks and House of Fraser all have big sales during this time of year – clearing out their Christmas and winter stocks in readiness for the arrival of the new spring/summer collections before spring.

As ever, we’ve been busy over the Christmas period browsing online and scouring the best deals to be had. Finding a bargain isn’t difficult but there are some lesser known tips for bagging a bargain in the sales...

Special buys
In addition to normal stock going on sale, a number of shops also have ‘special buys’ available to purchase. These are usually items that have been bought by the retailers in bulk especially for the sale period and therefore available at a lower than normal price. One retailer famous for their special buys is John Lewis. With bedding, linen, homeware, nursery and baby items all having special buy deals on offer, it’s time to go bargain hunting!

It isn’t just apparel…
The January sales aren’t just good for clothing and apparel. There are also a number of great deals on homeware and technology. Check out Ebay, Amazon, Mothercare, Game and Debenhams.

Further reductions
If you’re willing to hold your nerve into the latter part of the month you may be able to get even more of a bargain. As we head into mid and late January, retailers tend to reduce items further. A word of warning – stock levels and availability also reduce the longer you wait so you may struggle to get exactly what it is you’re after.

There are some amazing discounts to be had and bargains to be found at the moment. Not only can those shopping abroad access the amazing deals available during this time of year, the current weak pound also makes for even better discounts!

forward2me’s international parcel forwarding service means you can shop the January sales to your heart’s content. Our service allows you to access a UK based shipping address for your online orders, which we then forward on to you – wherever you are in the world.

If you find that you simply can’t resist the sales at this time of year, wanting to place multiple orders from several different retailers to take advantage of the deals on offer, there’s no need to hold back! Rather than paying for each individual parcel to be shipped out to you, our ‘combine & repack’ service allows you to combine the orders you have placed from multiple retailers into a single package before it is shipped to your international address. Although forward2me charge a small fee for this service, the discount of the combined shipping makes this a particularly attractive offering for our customers – especially in sales season!