Author : Jannet Grundy

New balls please?

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Next week sees the start of Wimbledon here in the UK. As one of tennis’ most prestigious events, Wimbledon always generates a great deal of excitement – not only for avid tennis fans but also for sports fans generally. And it’s not just Wimbledon that sports fans have got to ...

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Why we love all things pre-loved!

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Buying pre-loved items has never been so popular. Luckily these days it’s so easy for people to list or offload their unwanted items for sale that availability and choice has rapidly grown – great news for all those bargain hunters out there! Whether buying pre-loved to save money ...

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Summer style buys with forward2me

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The summer holidays are just around the corner. Whether you’re set to travel off somewhere for a nice long holiday or plan to spend some time enjoying a break closer to home, the summer holidays are a great excuse for a new outfit (or two, or three..!) ...

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Going potty for Potter!

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It’s hard to believe it, but this summer marks the 20th anniversary since the first Harry Potter book graced our bookshelves. Monday 26th June 2017 is exactly 20 years on from the date that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first of JK Rowling’s smash hit ...

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Pet paraphernalia!

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Pets – we love them! From designer dogs to cute kittens, as well as horses, tortoises and everything in between, our pets bring joy and fun to our lives. Pet paraphernalia is big business – you name it, you can probably buy it for your pet! So if you feel the need ...

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