Author : Jannet Grundy

Pet paraphernalia!

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Pets – we love them! From designer dogs to cute kittens, as well as horses, tortoises and everything in between, our pets bring joy and fun to our lives. Pet paraphernalia is big business – you name it, you can probably buy it for your pet! So if you feel the need ...

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Tech for outdoors

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When it comes to tech, we generally think about smartphones or gadgets for enjoying in the home. But what about tech for outside the house? With the summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to take tech out into the big wide world! Here is a round ...

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Going ‘al fresco’ with forward2me

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If your garden has been a bit neglected over the winter time, yet good weather is on the way, you will probably want to make some improvements. Whether this means getting your gardening gloves on, finding some new garden accessories or perhaps investing in some garden furniture, now is the ...

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Getting sporty this summer

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If you’re lucky enough to live in a country where you get long periods of good weather over the summer months, this time of year is probably when you’re at your most active. Whether being active involves you participating in a team sport, training and taking part in ...

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