Are you wearing the latest tech?


The future is not just around the corner - it's right here and now because of the latest wearable technology innovations. You really can talk to a device on your wrist, wear glasses to see all the world's information and then swim underwater listening to your favourite music!

Here at forward2me, we see lots of the latest technological developments in the warehouse and are fascinated by it all so wanted to share it with you too. Use our secure international delivery to deliver it to your door.

Wearable Technology for Sports, simple and lightweight, one of the hottest products out currently is the Nike Fuel Band. This nifty piece of kit tracks your performance including steps taken, heart rate and overall movement then syncs to a smartphone app to give you feedback. You can set goals, compete with friends and use this wearable technology to maintain yourself in peak condition. The latest one is the Nike+ Fuel SE. It's only available in six countries at the moment, the UK being one of them, so order it online and use your UK parcel forwarding address - we'll do the rest.

If you're a swimmer but find the monotony of lengths a bit of a chore, why not treat yourself to the latest in waterproof headphones? The Finis Neptune MP3 player uses bone conduction to transmit sounds directly to your ear and does away with fiddly wires and the need to waterproof your iPod...Wearable technology at its best.

Wearable Technology for Everything Else... Samsung's Galaxy Gear launched in September and is basically like a smart phone on your wrist. Sony also have a slick watch that has android apps - the Smartwatch 2. You can tweet, facebook and read emails but according to some reviews its screen resolution is lower than we've come to expect from our gadgets. Other competitors including Apple are launching new products soon to compete and have enlisted the help of top fashion designers including Angela Ahrends (who was the main designer at Burberry) to smooth the transition of wearable technology into a fashion statement.

The big news this year though, is of course, Google Glass. Will they or won't they be available for mainstream purchase before Christmas? Would you wear them? You can purchase a pair now, if you have serious money available to own an antique of the future. So what can they do? Project a screen right in front of your eyes, respond to voice commands, video, take photographs...A whole new world opens up and they've already been banned from certain places because of this... So to access the future now - just order online and use forward2me.

Contact our customer services department if you have any trouble using your international credit card or have any other purchasing questions. Maybe next time you order more wearable technology, it'll be through your watch or a pair of futuristic glasses. Beam me up, Scotty!