Are you a Nike fan?


New from Nike

Nike is one of the most important sports brands in the world. The company, named after Nike, Greek goddess of Victory, has been around since the early 1970s. It's worth billions worldwide, based on global sales of sports equipment and clothing alone. So just what is it that makes Nike so popular?

The brand is everywhere. 'Just do it' and the infamous 'swoosh' are instantly recognisable as Nike. Teams such as football's Manchester United are sponsored by Nike (sorry if that's put some of you off...) and high profile sports people like Maria Sharapova, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods all wear Nike (and have huge sponsorship deals). 

Here at forward2me, we've noticed that some of you like a bit of swoosh in your lives too - whether you're getting fit for summer or just like a decent pair of trainers. The Nike sports bands have also been popular this year for those of you who take your training to the next level. Shop online and use our secure international shipping to get your swooshy stuff!


Nike Trainers

There's a Nike trainer out there for everyone, whether you run, play basketball or just want to look too cool for school. At the budget end of the market, you can pick up a bargain from the UK's favourite sports retailer, Sports Direct. They have a vast range of trainers to choose from.

If you want to splash some cash there are even personalised NikeID shoes. You can choose the colour, heel etc. to get the perfect fit. Great idea for a special gift. There are even personalised football boots for kids (I know a few kids who'd love those, Granddad, if you're reading...)

Nike's latest releases include a 'wrap-pack' shoe that gives traction if you do yoga or martial arts...They even have some funky shoes for 'walking and other every day activities'. Well I never. Shoes made for walking? What will they think of next...Actually, they look really cool and would be good for summer every-day wear.

Nike Clothing

It's World Cup year and guess what? Nike sponsors the England team too. You can order personalised England shirts from Sports Direct - great present for the kids (old or young) in your life. There's a really cute baby kit too...

Anyone for tennis? Looking at the Nike store, there's some really cool stuff for women, including a sports bra called a 'Nike pro core fitted splatter' (?!) that perhaps could use a better name...

JD Sports have a selection of Nike clothing for everyday sports. John Lewis also stock a good range, including yoga gear and running apparel.

If there's something specific you want to get hold of, or if you're having trouble using your international credit card, don't forget to use our personal shopper service. Contact our customer services department for more details. Get fit quick using our door to door tracked delivery service - no excuses now!