Anything for the Quiet Life

All you can hear are the cicadas - no traffic roar, no trains, just the breeze through the trees and the rumble of a distant landslide as the road is rendered impassable,again.

A rural idyll, miles from anywhere, remote and unspoilt by the trappings of modern life. Breathe deeply and smell that fresh, clean air. High in the mountains, two hours from a shop and a full day of dusty travel from a city.

It sounds lovely, lovely, that is, until you need something.

One of our customers lives this tranquil, isolated life. He relies on forward2me and uses us regularly to ship items out in bulk that he can’t easily come by. It’s interesting the kinds of things that are essential - things you might not realise you need until you find yourself without them. For example IT equipment, spare machinery parts, garden and farm equipment, fashionable clothes (one has to keep up appearances you know, even if it’s just for the goats), reference books and instruction manuals that are written in English.

Many of the things that are shipped are bought from the UK (and shipped using our secure, parcel forwarding service) because the quality is generally better, even the live-catch mousetraps!

Many people emigrate to get away from it all. As this particular customer put it, the UK has become a series of shopping centres linked by motorways. Convenient, but not conducive to most people’s idea of a haven. Have you emigrated to be able to live somewhere truly remote? Is getting to the nearest, decent-sized shop a mammoth undertaking? With the cost of personal transportation rising all the time, why not save yourself the stress and hassle of having to travel to the city to find ‘civilisation’ when we can bring it to you through the wonders of the internet and the delights of online shopping?

Don’t forget our personal shopper service. If the company that you want to use doesn’t accept international credit cards, contact our customer services department and we can arrange to make purchases on your behalf and ship the goods that you need, saving you the expense and hassle of a long, tiring journey.

So put your feet up, dream of life’s little luxuries (or necessities) that you have been missing, get online and order yourself some treats. We will deliver so that you don’t have to spoil your day to spoil yourself.