Anyone for tennis?


With the Aegon tennis championships underway and Wimbledon just around the corner, everyone's talking tennis now. Summer style this year has an underlying tennis theme, whether it's a smart blazer from Hacketts or a trendy floral polo shirt (shouldn't it be called a tennis shirt?).

We've put together a few ideas for you if you fancy taking up tennis as a hobby. If you just like the whole tennis style, take a look. Maybe you just need to update your tennis gear or need a set of new balls (steady...).

Tennis Clothing

Colourful florals seem to be the order of the day. H&M have some very stylish stuff designed by Thomas Berdych for men. The women's ranges seem plainer by contrast - Babolat tennis clothing (available from tennisnuts) is simple and stylish and the other brands seem similar. Check out tennisplanet for an overwhelming selection of tennis clothes from designers such as Stella McCartney and all the major brands. If you're intending to attend one of the major tennis events, why not wear the formal attire from Hacketts (Brandalley have discounted Hacketts) to add to the sense of occasion?  

Tennis Rackets (or is it racquet?)

Make some noise on the court with these tennis rackets from Wilson. They're very professional. If you just fancy knocking a few balls around, sportsdirect and Amazon have very comprehensive selections of tennis bats rackets to choose from. Just door to door tracked shipping from forward2me and you can be the next Andy Murray or (insert tennis star of your choice).

New Balls, Please

If your balls are a bit worn, dog chewed (ouch!) or even lost, we can help. Instead of expensive surgery, we'll use our secure international delivery to take care of your balls. Just look online at these beauties from the sportsball shop and PWP. It won't hurt at all!

Tennis Nets

If you've been reduced to stretching string between two trees or tying your gran's cardigans together to make a net, it might be time to invest in a proper net. Here at forward2me we've tried bubblewrap and packaging tape but nothing beats a good net from networldtennis.

Billy No Mates?

So you've bought the net, your balls are bouncy and you can make a right racket. You look gorgeous in all the right tennis clothes and the sun is shining. All you need now is someone to play with. At forward2me, we can't ship tennis players but we can ship automatic tennis machines like these ones from sweatband. They come in all shapes, sizes and budgets!

Anyone fancy a bit of swingball?

If full-blown tennis is a bit much and you just fancy a knock about with the kids, swingball is great if you haven't got the space or energy for full-blown tennis. Argos, Toysrus and Amazon all have sets at affordable prices. Enjoy!

Written by forward2me