‘All the best’ intentions for 2014


Most of us over indulge in the month of December when the festivities seem to go on and on; the office party, the neighbour’s night, meeting up with friends and spending time with family, over indulging all the way.



Most or some of us sit back after the festivities and think about New Year’s resolutions – somewhere amongst them is usually the word ‘healthy’ in some shape or form. This could be healthier eating, healthier lifestyle or promising to keep a healthy work/home life balance but it all usually boils down to doing more exercise.


Exercise could be gentle, such as pilates or yoga or it could be a full on strict, rigorous fitness programme. Whichever is your preferred way, forward2me have found lots of exercise equipment to help that regime along the way.



Check out all you could possibly need for yoga and pilates here or maybe buy the machine that does it all at QVC.


For the outdoor types amongst you, there’s plenty of gear at Great Outdoors, Mountain Warehouse or Snow&Rock. There’s a great selection of bikes at Westbrook cycles, Isla Bikes or if you really want to splash out, a new local brand that’s quickly becoming a national brand ‘Beacon’.


We found some great offers on treadmills at Argos (bought one myself – too good to resist) and lots of other sports equipment at John Lewis.

If you really want to keep an eye on your progress you’ll need the fitbit flex or the nike fuelband or if you’re following the great outdoors one of these fantastic GPS watches.


Healthy food from Waitrose, Asda and Sainsburys should be at the top of your shopping list. Use forward2me’s tracked delivery service to have your weekly shop or monthly treats delivered to your door.


There are more and more health food shops with lots and lots of choice. Many customers use Holland & Barrett and wholefoodsonline to ensure they have the healthy alternatives on their shelves.


To help make your New Year’s resolutions easier to achieve use forward2me as your preferred choice for making your purchase.


Good Luck with your resolution – hope you get further than the 2nd week of January...