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Opening orders can sometimes be a bit creepy around here. You never know what'll be inside. Luxury goods? Sports equipment? Nope - not this week.  It was literally a 'part and parcel' job here at forward2me - and not just car parts either - a human body, all parts anatomically correct!  Don't worry, we're not the 21st century's answer to Burke and Hare. The items were part of a plastic biology teaching resource. We've shipped them to the US using our door-to-door tracked service. Sometimes we see the strangest things...

Who were Burke and Hare? Back in the early 19th century, when mediTecine was becoming more scientific, curiosity got the better of a few of Edinburgh's medical practitioners. They became desperate for cadavers to learn and teach with (no handy plastic models back then) and would pay very good money for corpses with very few questions asked. Burke and Hare, Irish labourers, became aware of this illicit trade and over the space of ten months killed no less than 16 victims to sell to Dr Robert Knox for his lectures on anatomy. The killers became more and more brazen until eventually they murdered a well-known local character who was recognised by people attending the lectures. Suspicions were aroused and the game was up.

Recently, we've been shipping biological models - teaching aids that show the innermost details of the human body to someone teaching in the US. There are many ex-pats working abroad in the teaching profession, whether through VSO or just to earn a living. Sometimes it's hard to get hold of good teaching materials. Luckily, the UK has some excellent educational resources. Don't forget to shop online and use forward2me's international shipping service for all your educational equipment.

Here are a few of the most useful stockists we've found: - great for science equipment and things for all ages. - most things you'll ever need in a school from educational toys to cleaning equipment... - some lovely stuff for outdoor education here. Willow shelters, forest school equipment...stuff for young explorers.

Don't forget eBay and Amazon either.

So if you're looking for any teaching resources, whether it's a model or a new blackboard, planters for the school garden or even furniture, don't forget to use forward2me's fast international shipping. We'll put the parts in the parcels! 

Written by forward2me