Access the benefits of Amazon Prime membership - even if you live outside the UK!


For many of us, it’s the convenience that online shopping affords that has made it the ‘go to’ method of shopping. And when it comes to convenience, there are few online retailers that do it better than Amazon.

First launched in 1995 as a website that only sold books, Amazon is now one of the pioneers in online retail. Over the past two years, Amazon Prime, the retailer’s paid subscription service that gives members access to unlimited 1 day delivery, reduced price offers and Prime only services, has nearly doubled in its membership. As of April of 2017, there were a reported 80 million Prime members in the U.S alone.

In the UK, Amazon Prime is a big success story thanks largely to its offer of inclusive 1 day delivery across millions of items, making it a ‘one stop shop’ for many. This service is facilitated by Amazon’s warehousing and sophisticated delivery network in the UK – something that has not yet reached many of the world’s other countries. But just because you don’t live in the UK, it doesn’t mean you can’t access the benefits associated with Prime membership. You too can access inclusive delivery, early access deals and much more thanks to forward2me – simply use our postal address as your UK address! When we receive your parcel, we can then forward your items straight on to you – opening up a world of buying opportunities!  

From small items such as USB sticks, iphone chargers, batteries and other everyday items, right through to furniture, exercise equipment and electrical appliances, you’ll find it on Amazon UK. And in addition to the delivery subscription benefits, Amazon Prime membership also offer shoppers early access to Lightning Deals on and exclusive discount on pre-orders, including collector’s editions, for box games for PC, PlayStation 4, XBox One, Wii U, 3DS and more.

Here are a couple of examples of great deals available for Amazon members:

The Amazon Echo (2nd generation), along with the Echo Plus, Echo Show and Echo Dot (2nd generation) are only available to purchase with a UK shipping address.

Staying true to its roots in books, Amazon often have great prices on books. For example, the Tom Kerridge book ‘Lose weight for good’ as listed in our previous blog is available in hardback for £6.99 for Prime members.  Used books are also a great alternative, with prices hugely discounted and categorised by condition so you know exactly what to expect.

If you want it fast and easy, Amazon is probably one of the first places on your list. With its simple to use app and features such as one-click ordering, which as it suggests, allows you to place an order in one click (using your default payment and delivery settings) on enabled devices, it’s no wonder so many Brits use Amazon so frequently. Don’t miss out on the many benefits offered by Amazon Prime just because you don’t live in the UK. You can still sign up for a subscription, using forward2me’s address as your UK Amazon delivery address (be sure to use postcode PR3 1NJ).