10 facts I bet you didn’t know about forward2me...

1.We provide a parcel forwarding service to enable customers to make purchases from retailers in the UK and ship to over 200 countries worldwide.

2.We have at least 16 add on services https://www.forward2me.com/services which include:-

  • Invoice scanning & emailing
  • Photo Documentation
  • Vacuum Packing
  • Shipping of Dangerous Goods

3.According to our customers on the independent review service feefo we are the best forwarding company in the UK.

4.We provide a personal shopper service for those occasions when retailers don’t accept our customers international credit card

5.We have built our own bespoke software to facilitate a seamless process for the customer from sign up to receiving their goods at their door.

6.We are the only parcel forwarding company in the UK to ship Dangerous Goods across the world (some restrictions) such as perfumes, nail varnish, glues and aerosols.

7.We provide a returns handling service for those companies that live out of the UK but sell on UK online marketplaces such as Amazon  and ebay.

8.We have shipped furniture, prams, exercise equipment, beds and mattresses, kitchen appliances, kayaks, garden sheds, pallets of paving stones, car engines, pet pods, containers of returns management inventory and lots more to countries as far afield as Australia and the USA.

9.Our Independent customer reviews of our service through ‘Feefo’ https://www.forward2me.com/review sit at 98% positive and have not fallen lower than 96% in the last 5 years.

10.We are a friendly, pro-active, professional team who work hard and care about your personal belongings i.e. your purchases when they are placed in our care.